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With the warm Texas sun coming out, it’s the perfect time to take advantage of the opportunity to kayak on the famous San Antonio Riverwalk. And what an exciting way to rediscover the Riverwalk like never before. Plus kayaking is a great way to get some sun and work out those arms!

There are officially two companies offering the chance to kayak on the Riverwalk, Mission Kayak and Go Rio.

It is not a guided tour, so be ready to navigate on your own. You are able to bring your own kayak or you can rent one. They do offer tandem kayaks. The websites disclose the certain rules and restrictions when it comes to bringing your own kayak. It’s a two hour excursion so be sure to lather on plenty of sunscreen! You’re encouraged to bring some water as well.

Many locals are taking advantage of this rare opportunity! It’s a great way to be active and enjoy one of the favorite things San Antonio has to offer. It’s such a delight to people watch in a whole new way. It’s a 3.25 mile trip, not too rigorous for families to enjoy. 

Tickets must be purchased to enjoy this fortunate occasion as space is limited. This is family friendly, however, children under six are not permitted. This is due to safety concerns, the regular river barges may be operating. Lifejackets are provided and must be worn at all times.

Be sure to eat a hearty meal before this trip, no stops are allowed along the Riverwalk. But of course you can savor a nice lunch at one of the many patio restaurants after kayaking.

Visit the websites, Mission Kayak and Go Rio, to reserve your spot and to read the guidelines.

We’re not sure how long this kayaking opportunity will last, so take advantage while there’s still time! Bring your family and friends. Take your out-of-town relatives on an exciting kayaking trip unique to just San Antonio.

If kayaking is not in your wheelhouse, there’s always bike riding! There is a bike share company if you’re interested in temporarily renting a bike. Here is a map of the rental locations and a map of where to park your bike downtown.


Be safe and enjoy!




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