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Bring Your Furry Friend to the Riverwalk!

As Texas begins to open up and warm up, it’s the perfect time to bring your dog(s) to stroll the Riverwalk! Taking a brisk walk down the famous Riverwalk is always a good time, add to the fun by bringing your fur baby along.

San Antonio Riverwalk

We’ve all been fairly cooped up for the past year. Some of us may have been spending a lot more time indoors than usual. But now that San Antonio continues to safely open back up and the weather is nice and warm, it’s the ideal time to explore the beautiful Riverwalk again.

The Riverwalk offers a lot to the people of San Antonio. The Riverwalk itself is dog-friendly, as long as they’re leashed. And of course, pick up after your pet. Nothing is worse than enjoying a nice walk on the Riverwalk and stepping in something smelly your dog left behind.

A lot of restaurants along the Riverwalk have nice outdoor patios, and some that are dog-friendly! So you can sit back, enjoy your meal and a nice margarita with your furry friend. Here are some local favorites:


San Antonio Biergarten

Bier Garten Riverwalk

Enjoy some krautwurst balls while drinking a deutsch-a-rita at this German-inspired establishment. They have a nice uncovered patio with picnic benches.

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mexican food

Casa Rio

As the Riverwalk’s first restaurant, it does not disappoint. With a menu filled with Tex-Mex classics, it’s hard to go wrong! Sit on the patio while the mariachi plays and soak up the ambiance with your dog by your side.

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The Original Mexican Restaurant

Another Tex-Mex favorite, you can’t miss it while walking down the Riverwalk with it’s vibrant walls. They have an uncovered and covered patio, if your dog needs to get out of the heat for a bit.

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Large margarita

Thirsty Aztec

If you’re just wanting to grab a quick drink, head to the Thirsty Aztec. Seating is limited but you can get your drink to-go! With your dog’s leash in one hand and an ice cold drink in the other. They have an extensive menu featuring unique drinks. They also have non-alcoholic options. Please enjoy responsibly.

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Maria Mia Mexican Bistro

Your dog might be tempted to steal a bit from your plate while you take in the scenery of the Riverwalk. Maria Mia offers top-notch food with a great atmosphere. Munch on some chips and queso before your fajitas come sizzling out.

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Rio Rio Cantina

Another prime location for people and pooch watching. Their dog-friendly patio has umbrellas to cool down under. A restaurant that offers Tex-Mex favorites and a daily happy hour.


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The Republic of Texas

Another Riverwalk establishment that’s impossible to miss with umbrellas that resemble our beloved Texas flag. Order the ribs and keep the bones for your dog!

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Taking a nice, long walk down the historic Riverwalk can remind you of what San Antonio has to offer. And with more places becoming pet-friendly, you can enjoy it all with your dog by your side.

The Riverwalk plays host to several celebrations and holidays which can make the sidewalk a little crowded. If your dog doesn’t do well with crowds, keep that in mind.

These are just a few of the pet-friendly establishments the Riverwalk has to offer. Take an afternoon and discover your favorite!

And of course, be safe and have a great time!


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