Dia de los Muertos 2023 on the San Antonio River Walk: A Vibrant Celebration

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Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, is a vibrant tradition celebrated throughout Latin America, particularly in Mexico, and has gained popularity in the United States as well. A significant cultural event honoring loved ones who have passed away, this annual celebration combines indigenous and Catholic customs, featuring altars, offerings, and unique artistic expressions. In 2023, the San Antonio River Walk will host its very own Day of the Dead festivities, embracing the spirit of these customs and providing a remarkable experience for visitors. The festivities will offer an opportunity for participants to remember and honor the lives of deceased loved ones in a lively, communal atmosphere that showcases the rich cultural fabric of the region.

As the celebration unfolds at the San Antonio River Walk, attendees can expect to see traditional elements of Dia de los Muertos, including intricate altars, Catrinas – the iconic skeletal figure symbolizing the event, and offerings to those who have passed. Visitors will be immersed in the heart of this illustrious tradition, capturing the essence of the Day of the Dead and the intricate customs that make it a cherished event in both Latin America and the United States alike.

Dia De Los Muertos in San Antonio

Cultural Tradition

Dia de los Muertos, also known as Day of the Dead, is a vibrant and deeply-rooted cultural tradition that takes place every fall in San Antonio. This cultural event honors ancestors and loved ones who have passed away, and it is celebrated with various activities, processions, and colorful displays throughout the city. The 2023 celebration promises to be a memorable experience for both locals and visitors.

Day of the Dead River Parade

One of the highlights of the San Antonio Dia de los Muertos celebration is the Day of the Dead River Parade, which is scheduled for October 27-29, 2023. This unique event features beautifully decorated river barges paying homage to the special tradition. The parade takes place along the iconic San Antonio River Walk, offering spectators a lively and festive atmosphere.

Muertos Fest at Hemisfair

Muertos Fest is another important part of the Dia de los Muertos celebrations in San Antonio. In 2023, the 11th annual Muertos Fest will return to Hemisfair on October 28-29 with a two-day, in-person festival. This event includes various arts and food vendors, as well as opportunities for individuals to participate in creating altars and processions. With its diverse activities and offerings, Muertos Fest at Hemisfair appeals to a wide audience, allowing everyone to engage in the cultural experience of Dia de los Muertos.

Festival Details

River Walk Altars

During the Día de los Muertos celebration on the San Antonio River Walk, attendees can witness the beauty of elaborately decorated altars on floats and barges. These altars honor the lives and memories of loved ones who have passed away, and they are an integral part of the celebration. Floats glide smoothly along the river, creating a captivating and memorable visual experience for spectators.

Live Music and Entertainment

The Día de los Muertos festivities on the River Walk are enlivened by various live music performances and entertainment, ensuring a vibrant and engaging atmosphere throughout the celebration. Local musicians, as well as traveling performers and bands, provide a diverse range of sounds and styles to immerse attendees in this lively tradition.


In addition to the River Walk parade, processions featuring costumed participants, catrinas, and traditional dancers add an exciting element to the event. These processions symbolize the connection between the living and the dead, fostering a spirit of unity and remembrance. The mixture of ancient and modern traditions come together, showcasing the rich history and cultural significance of Día de los Muertos.

Planning Your Visit

Tickets and Dinner Packages

For the 2023 Day of the Dead San Antonio River Parade taking place on October 27 at 7:00 PM, it’s a great idea to plan ahead and look out for tickets and dinner packages as they become available. Attending the parade is a unique experience, so keep an eye on the official websites for possible ticket offers or dinner packages at River Walk restaurants. This will allow you to enjoy the festivities while sampling delicious local cuisine.


When planning your visit to San Antonio for the Dia de los Muertos celebrations, consider staying at one of the many hotels located near the River Walk. This prime location will grant you easy access to various event venues and make it simple for you to attend the Day of the Dead River Parade and other festivities happening in the area. Be sure to book your hotel rooms in advance as this popular event might lead to limited availability in accommodations.


Dia de los Muertos celebrations in San Antonio span across several dates and locations. Some key events to look forward to are:

  • Day of the Dead River Parade: The main attraction, taking place on October 27 at 7:00 PM along the San Antonio River Walk.
  • Muertosfest 2023: Happening on October 29 from 12:00 pm to 9:00 pm CDT, this cultural event includes art, food, music, and more at the Hemisfair venue.
  • 11th Annual Día de los Muertos Festival: Starting on November 1, 2023, this event held by INNER CITY DEVELOPMENT features calls for vendors, altars, and procession participants.

Keep an eye on the official event websites for updates and further details on the schedule for Dia de los Muertos 2023 in San Antonio.

Remembering Loved Ones

Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, is a time-honored tradition in Mexican culture where families come together to remember and celebrate their departed loved ones. In 2023, the San Antonio River Walk will host events that beautifully showcase this vibrant, soulful commemoration.

The Day of the Dead River Parade will take place on Friday, October 27, at 7:00 PM. This festive event will feature elaborately decorated floats adorned with altars, catrinas, and costumed riders, all paying tribute to the memories of those who have passed. This lively and colorful parade will beautifully capture the rich cultural heritage and significance of Dia de los Muertos.

Another essential aspect of Dia de los Muertos is the creation of altars. These heartfelt, intricate displays often contain photographs, candles, and the deceased’s favorite foods. The Muertos Fest will offer attendees the opportunity to learn about altar building and participate in a procession. The procession times are scheduled for 7 pm on Saturday, October 28, and 3 pm on Sunday, October 29. These community-wide celebrations will allow everyone to reflect on their departed loved ones in a supportive and enriching environment.

From October 27 to 29, various events and activities across the San Antonio River Walk will allow participants to immerse themselves in the customs and traditions of Dia de los Muertos. Through these gatherings, we remember our loved ones, celebrate their lives, and keep their memories alive in our hearts. So mark your calendars and join the San Antonio community in honoring our departed friends and family at the 2023 Dia de los Muertos festivities on the River Walk.


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