Paesanos Riverwalk

111 W Crockett St #101, San Antonio, TX 78205

(210) 227-2782

Paesanos Riverwalk Restaurant San Antonio breaks the boundaries of traditional Italian cuisine to explore modern Mediterranean specialties.



When you think of authentic Italian cuisine, what springs to mind? We’re guessing delicious pasta and seafood, paired with the perfect glass of wine, accompanied by fresh air, sunshine, and the sounds of the ocean. Trade the ocean for the river, and you’ve got a very accurate picture of Paesanos Riverwalk.

As you’ll soon discover, Paesanos is the perfect blend of the old world and the new. Nestled into a cozy bend of the San Antonio River Walk, it’s where visitors and locals alike go to enjoy an authentic Italian experience, full of fresh ingredients, bold flavors and legendary dishes like our famous Shrimp Paesano – an experience not to be missed.

And when the meal ultimately ends – after toasting your companions with world-class wines and stealing bites from off of each other’s plates, you’ll truly know the meaning of buon appetito.

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(210) 227-2782
111 W Crockett St #101, San Antonio, TX 78205